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ParkInHost Unmanaged VPS in Russia has unlimited traffic at 200Mbps Bandwidth and DMCA ignored VPS in Russia are powered by widely used KVM Virtualization with full Root Access. Our Russia VPS are Unmanaged Linux VPS services with full Root Access, uninterrupted service with instant setup. Our Russia VPS is DMCA Ignored VPS hosting with KVM virtualization provides gaurenteed uptime, scaleability, reliable network from tier 2 data center,complete dynamic resource management, and with full root access.

ParkInHost provides DMCA ignored VPS in Russia. ParkInHost Russian VPS are located at St. Petersburg in Russia comes with a Superior connectivity with Unmetered bandwidth at very Affordable Price and Instant setup providing 99.98% Up-time with Quality Service. ParkInHost offshore DMCA ignored Russia Vps 200Mbps bandwidth Linux VPS hosting plans can be the best for your e-business.

All ParkInHost's Russia VPS are DMCA Ignored hosting plans hosted on Intel Xeon - L5630 or Xeon - L5640 servers and setup Instantly. Any Russia VPS add-on management services will be provided within 1-6 hours of order placement.


8 / month
  • CPU - 1 vCore
  • RAM - 1 GB
  • SSD - 20GB NVMe
  • Traffic - Unmetered
  • Bandwidth - 400 Mbps
16 / month
  • CPU - 1 vCore
  • RAM - 2 GB
  • SSD - 40GB NVMe
  • Traffic - Unmetered
  • Bandwidth - 400 Mbps
30 / month
  • CPU - 2 vCores
  • RAM - 4 GB
  • SSD - 80GB NVMe
  • Traffic - Unmetered
  • Bandwidth - 400 Mbps
55 / month
  • CPU - 4 vCores
  • RAM - 8 GB
  • SSD - 160GB NVMe
  • Traffic - Unmetered
  • Bandwidth - 400 Mbps
100 / month
  • vCPU - 6 vCores
  • RAM - 16 GB
  • SSD - 320GB NVMe
  • Traffic - Unmetered
  • Bandwidth - 400 Mbps
175 / month
  • CPU - 8v Cores
  • RAM - 32 GB
  • SSD - 480GB NVMe
  • Traffic - Unmetered
  • Bandwidth - 400 Mbps

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Russian VPS Optional Addons

Configurable AddOns
1 x IP Address : € 4.00/mo.
Additional CPU : € 5.00/mo.
Additional HDD Space : € 1.00/10GB/mo.
Additional RAM : € 5.00/512Mb/mo.
Control Panel AddOns
CPanel Domain License - Unlimited Domain € 11.99/mo.
DirectAdmin License - Unlimited Domain € 14.00/mo.
Plesk Panel (10 domains) € 11.99/mo.
Plesk Panel (100 domains) € 28.99/mo.

Special Features

72 Hours Money Back

ParkinHost provides 72 Hours Money Back Guarantee on Shared Hosting, Re-seller Hosting and SSL services. For More information contact support.

24x7 Premium Support

We provide 24x7 support to our clients via mails, support tickets and 12/7 level 1 Technical assistance through our live chat support.

99.9% Uptime

ParkInHost promises to maintain 99.9% network and server up time service level. Percentage is a monthly figure and is calculated solely by ParkInHost.

Full Root Access

ParkInHost provides Full root access to our Russia VPS clients, where clients can access VPS via Putty or SSH.

Instant Setup

Linux VPS Russia are setup Instantly. Details of VPS will be sent across in a hour to the registered email Id provided the payment process is completed & verified.

E5 Processors

Russian VPS are setup on High end E5 Processors with 128GB RAM setup to main hardware node for stable and high performing VPS.

Why VPS in Russia is the Perfect Solution for Your Online Business

Looking to elevate your online business to new heights? Look no further than VPS in Russia - the perfect solution to take your business to the next level. With its robust infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, Russia offers an ideal environment for hosting your website or application. This emerging market is rapidly gaining popularity among online entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide, and for good reason. From enhanced security measures to blazing-fast server speeds, VPS in Russia provides all the essential features to ensure your website runs smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, with its strategic location, your online business can reach a wider audience in Europe and Asia, opening up new avenues for growth and profitability. Don't let geographical limitations hold you back - harness the power of VPS in Russia and unlock the full potential of your online business today.

Understanding the benefits of VPS hosting

VPS, or Virtual Private Server, hosting is a popular choice for businesses looking for more control and flexibility over their online operations. Unlike shared hosting, where multiple websites share the same server resources, VPS hosting provides dedicated resources allocated exclusively to your website or application. This means you have more power and control over your online presence, resulting in better performance and reliability. One of the key benefits of VPS hosting is scalability. With a VPS, you can easily scale your resources up or down depending on your business needs. Whether you experience a sudden surge in traffic or need additional storage space, VPS hosting allows you to adapt quickly and efficiently. Additionally, VPS hosting offers better security compared to shared hosting. Since you have your own virtual server, your website is isolated from other users, reducing the risk of security breaches and ensuring the safety of your data. Choosing the right VPS hosting provider is crucial to maximizing the benefits of VPS hosting. In the next section, we will explore why VPS in Russia is an excellent choice for your online business.

The advantages of choosing a VPS in Russia

When it comes to VPS hosting, Russia has emerged as a top destination for online businesses. There are several advantages to choosing a Russian VPS that can significantly impact the performance and success of your online venture.
1. Robust infrastructure and cutting-edge technology Russia boasts a state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technological capabilities, making it an ideal location for hosting your website or application. With well-established data centers equipped with the latest hardware and software, you can expect optimal performance, reliability, and uptime for your online business.
2. Enhanced security measures Security is a top priority for any online business, and VPS in Russia offers robust security measures to protect your data and sensitive information. Russian data centers adhere to strict security protocols, including advanced firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular backups, ensuring the safety and privacy of your online assets.
3. Blazing-fast server speeds In today's fast-paced digital world, speed is everything. Slow loading times can drive away potential customers and negatively impact your search engine rankings. With VPS in Russia, you can enjoy lightning-fast server speeds, thanks to the high-speed internet infrastructure and advanced network connectivity available in the country. This means your website or application will load quickly, providing a seamless user experience and boosting your online business performance. In the following section, we will delve deeper into how a VPS in Russia can improve your online business performance.

How a VPS in Russia can improve your online business performance

A VPS in Russia offers numerous advantages that can enhance the performance and overall success of your online business. Let's explore some key ways in which a VPS in Russia can benefit your online venture.
1. Improved website loading times As mentioned earlier, speed is crucial in today's online landscape. With a VPS in Russia, your website will load faster, ensuring a smooth user experience. Studies have shown that even a one-second delay in page load time can result in a significant drop in conversions. By hosting your website on a VPS in Russia, you can minimize loading times and keep your visitors engaged, increasing the chances of conversions and revenue generation.
2. Enhanced reliability and uptime Downtime can be disastrous for an online business, leading to lost revenue, decreased customer trust, and damaged reputation. When your website is hosted on a VPS in Russia, you can expect high levels of reliability and uptime. The robust infrastructure and advanced technology in Russian data centers minimize the risk of server failures and ensure your website remains accessible to users around the clock.
3. Improved SEO performance Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in driving organic traffic to your website. Hosting your website on a VPS in Russia can positively impact your SEO efforts. Search engines, like Google, consider website loading speed as one of the ranking factors. With a VPS in Russia, your website will load quickly, giving you an advantage over competitors with slower-loading websites. This can lead to higher search engine rankings, increased visibility, and more organic traffic. Now that we have discussed the benefits of a VPS in Russia for your online business, let's move on to the factors you should consider when selecting a VPS hosting provider in Russia.

Factors to consider when selecting a VPS hosting provider in Russia

Choosing the right VPS hosting provider is crucial to ensure a seamless and hassle-free hosting experience. When considering a VPS hosting provider in Russia, there are several factors you should take into account. Let's explore some key considerations to help you make an informed decision.
1. Reliability and uptime guarantee Reliability and uptime are critical factors to consider when selecting a VPS hosting provider. Look for a provider that offers a high uptime guarantee, preferably 99.9% or higher. This ensures that your website will be accessible to users at all times, minimizing the risk of potential revenue loss due to downtime.
2. Scalability options Scalability is essential for accommodating the growth of your online business. Ensure that the VPS hosting provider offers scalable solutions that allow you to easily upgrade or downgrade your resources as needed. This flexibility will enable you to adapt to changing business requirements without any hassle.
3. Security measures Security should be a top priority when selecting a VPS hosting provider. Look for providers that offer robust security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, regular backups, and DDoS protection. These security features will safeguard your website and data from potential threats and ensure the privacy and integrity of your online assets. In the next section, we will discuss the process of setting up and configuring your VPS in Russia.

Setting up and configuring your VPS in Russia

Setting up and configuring your VPS in Russia may seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it can be a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:
1. Choose a reputable VPS hosting provider Begin by selecting a reputable VPS hosting provider in Russia. Look for providers with a solid track record, positive customer reviews, and excellent customer support. This will ensure a smooth and reliable hosting experience.
2. Select a suitable VPS plan Once you've chosen a hosting provider, select a VPS plan that best suits your business needs. Consider factors such as server resources, storage capacity, and scalability options. It's important to choose a plan that can accommodate your current requirements while allowing room for future growth.
3. Configure your VPS After selecting a plan, the next step is to configure your VPS. This involves setting up your server, installing the necessary software, and configuring security settings. Most VPS hosting providers offer user-friendly control panels that simplify the configuration process.
4. Transfer your website or application If you already have an existing website or application, you will need to transfer it to your VPS in Russia. This typically involves migrating your files, databases, and configurations to the new server. Your hosting provider should provide guidance and support throughout the migration process. Once your VPS is set up and configured, you can start optimizing your online business for Russian audiences.

Enhancing security and privacy with a VPS in Russia

Security and privacy are paramount concerns for any online business. With a VPS in Russia, you can enhance the security and privacy of your online assets. Here are some measures you can take to ensure maximum protection:
1. Regularly update your software Keeping your software up to date is crucial for mitigating security risks. Regularly update your operating system, server software, and content management system to ensure you have the latest security patches and bug fixes.
2. Implement strong passwords and secure authentication Use strong passwords for all your accounts and enable two-factor authentication whenever possible. This adds an extra layer of security and prevents unauthorized access to your VPS.
3. Regularly backup your data Regular data backups are essential to protect your website or application from data loss. Choose a VPS hosting provider that offers automated backup solutions, or set up your own backup system to ensure you can restore your website in case of any unforeseen events. In the next section, we will discuss how you can optimize your online business for Russian audiences with a VPS.

Conclusion: Why a VPS in Russia is the perfect solution for your online business

Choosing a VPS in Russia for your online business can provide numerous benefits, from enhanced security and faster loading times to improved SEO performance and access to a wider audience. With its robust infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and strategic location, Russia offers an ideal environment for hosting your website or application. By selecting a reputable VPS hosting provider and following best practices for security and optimization, you can unlock the full potential of your online business and take it to new heights. Don't let geographical limitations hold you back - harness the power of VPS in Russia and propel your online business towards success.

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