We provide Unmetered Dedicated Servers for rental with full root access.

Our Unmetered European Dedicated Servers rental at affordable price for a powerful machine. We provide Unmetered European Dedicated Servers with root access. Our SUnmetered European Dedicated Servers hosting is the right choice when you have a high demand on reliablity, Performance and Heavy I/O requriements. Our Large Storage Dedicated Servers are located in Netherlands, France, UK, Poland, Germany, Russia and more. Parkinhost provides Unmetered European Dedicated Servers for rental, lease and contract.

Best deals on Unmetered European Dedicated Servers: GUARANTEED BANDWIDTH

RAM Storage Bandwidth Location Price /mo. Order Now
2x240GB SSD 1Gbps Unmetered UK 100 Buy Plan
240GB SSD 1Gbps Unmetered Russia 149 Buy Plan
1TB HDD 1Gbps Unmetered Netherlands 170 Buy Plan
1Gbps Unmetered LV, Europe 199 Buy Plan
1TB HDD 1Gbps Unmetered Netherlands 200 Buy Plan
2Gbps Unmetered Netherlands 340 Buy Plan
1Gbps Unmetered Russia 350 Buy Plan
1Gbps Unmetered Russia 400 Buy Plan
2Gbps Unmetered Netherlands 400 Buy Plan
2Gbps Unmetered Netherlands 440 Buy Plan
1Gbps Unmetered Russia 500 Buy Plan
2Gbps Unmetered Russia 750 Buy Plan
1TB SSD 5Gbps Unmetered Netherlands 750 Buy Plan
2X1TB SSD 5Gbps Unmetered Netherlands 800 Buy Plan
3Gbps Unmetered Russia 1300 Buy Plan
3Gbps Unmetered Russia 1500 Buy Plan
4Gbps Unmetered Russia 1750 Buy Plan
5Gbps Unmetered Russia 2100 Buy Plan
10Gbps Unmetered Russia 4000 Buy Plan

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Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

Ultimate Performance

On ParkinHost's dedicated server hosting are the right choice when there is a constant demand on high performance and reliability. If you have heavy I/O requirements 24 hours a day our unmanaged dedicated servers are the best option.

24x7 Premium Support

We provide 24x7 support to our clients via emails, support tickets and Skype. We also provide level 1 Technical support through our live chat support. We are happy to connect with our clients via telephone or other medium on prior notification.

99.9% Up-time

We promise to maintain 99.9% network and server up time service level. This up time percentage is a monthly figure, and is calculated solely by ParkInHost's monitoring systems or ParkInHost authorized/contracted monitoring services.

Custom Configuration

We have wide range of configuration ready to deploy on our website. However all plans are customisable as per your needs. We can add custom OS, Add IPv4, IPv6,PVLAN, Load Balancer/Firewall On Demand and so on.

Unmanaged 1Gbps Unmetered Dedicated Server from €21/month Get Started

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